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Banana Shake

Kir Jensen's Banana What What Shake

Kir Jensen’s Banana What What Shake

Last month on a trip to Portland, I swung by The Sugar Cube, Kir Jensen’s dessert cart, and sampled The Banana What What. As milkshake flavors go, vanilla tends to be my favorite, but her banana malted shake with fresh whipped cream and beer caramel was a perfect combo of sweet and slightly salty. Back in the Big Apple, I was reading Food52  (Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs’ site) and happened across a Banana Cardamom Milkshake Recipe posted by Stubbs. Today I finally got around to trying it out. I’ve always loved cardamom in desserts (Indian flavor profiles in desserts in England, where my family is from, are more common than they seem to be here) and the lime in this recipe really makes the cardamom sing – they work together to accent the banana. Really awesome dessert recipes (at least in my mind) tend to combine savory or salty elements with sweet for a more balanced end result – this baby’s a great example!


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