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Getting Carried Away with a Theme

Veritas Pastry Chef Emily Wallendjack’s Peaches and Cream: Peach Cobbler, Buttermilk Ice Cream, and Saffron Gelée (in my head this looks like the Detroit Circle of Labor)

When I’m not working, I peruse architecture porn. Furtively, of course. I freaking love bizarre buildings. Especially those without any regard for traditional proportions. I mean check out Javier Senosiain’s Nautilus House a.k.a. my new fantasy house. Yes, someone was clearly smoking something when they thought of this, but it’s just breathtakingly original. So when I started looking through photographs of dishes and desserts from recent New York tastings, to my architecture-addled head, some incredible dish presentations jumped out at me, and it hit me-some of them look a lot like buildings/structures that I love (maybe I’m a bit like folks who see Madonna/the Madonna on a potato chip). For my I-got-carried-away-with-a-theme feature, go to The Architecture of New York (Plating). In my defense, these dishes were all gorgeous so if nothing else, check out the food porn. See? We’ve come full circle.


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I'm currently working as a freelance travel and food writer, and photographer. I spent two years at, the culinary on-line magazine for the industry insider. My articles have been published in New York, NY and Richmond, VA. After graduating from Columbia University and recovering from the tragedy of not being able to read Camus books for a living, I attended The Culinary Institute of America, where my scone consumption rose drastically. Fluent in French and Italian, I've worked in some of New York's top restaurants and covered food-related stories in a number of publications, from The Richmond Times-Dispatch to Time Out New York.

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