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Tuscany in the Fall: San Lorenzo Market

You’re in Florence. If you manage to elbow your way past tourists examining street vendors’ Venetian masks, leather handbags and goods of assorted levels of tackiness, you can find some of the best meat, vegetables and fruit in the city.

The Italians are not squeamish about meat in the same way that the Americans or even the English are. We have a sort of distaste for seeing what the food we’re eating used to be – rabbits don’t come skinned and drawn like they do in Italy in the US – they come pre-fabricated for the most part. But there’s a beauty in acknowledging that life was taken in order to feed us, and in paying homage to that by taking the greatest care when preparing that ingredient. The whole market is an extension of that. It’s constantly buzzing, teaming with life.

Italian kid taking a break in the San Lorenzo market

Charcuterie at the San Lorenzo Market, Italy

Fresh Sausage


A discerning shopper inspects the tomatoes from the south of Italy

Fresh vegetables

Ovoli Mushrooms

Prosciutto and Cheeses



Outside of the San Lorenzo market


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I'm currently working as a freelance travel and food writer, and photographer. I spent two years at, the culinary on-line magazine for the industry insider. My articles have been published in New York, NY and Richmond, VA. After graduating from Columbia University and recovering from the tragedy of not being able to read Camus books for a living, I attended The Culinary Institute of America, where my scone consumption rose drastically. Fluent in French and Italian, I've worked in some of New York's top restaurants and covered food-related stories in a number of publications, from The Richmond Times-Dispatch to Time Out New York.

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