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5 Beer-Friendly Cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve always preferred cheese with beer to cheese with wine. Since I can’t have beer for another few months, pop a cold one for me and enjoy with any of these 5 beer-friendly cheeses. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1) Tête de Moine


Photo from

WHAT IT IS: Semi-firm cow’s milk cheese from the Jura area of Switzerland. Nutty and lightly fruity, this Swiss can be served shaved using the fancy contraption in the picture, called a girolle but you can also pick up a chunk of this baby and enjoy it as you would any other cheese.

PAIR WITH: Witbier, like St. Bernadus Wit from Belgium

2) Scharfe Maxx

WHAT IT IS: Semi-firm, washed-rind raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. Aged a minimum of 5 months, it has some great meaty, smoky qualities that cry out for beer.

PAIR WITH: Lager, like Kell’s Irish Style Lager, from Rogue Ales, Oregon

3) Crave Brothers Mascarpone


Photo by AmazonFresh

WHAT IT IS: Smooth, fresh and creamy, this particular mascarpone from Crave Brothers in Wisconsin is somewhere between cream cheese and cream in texture and has a gorgeous, rich mouthfeel that is cut perfectly when paired with a fruity lambic.

PAIR WITH: A fruity lambic, like Pecheresse from Brouwerij Lindemans

4) Crater Lake Blue


WHAT IT IS: A raw cow’s milk blue from Oregon’s legendary Rogue River creamery, it has a lovely velvety texture and hints at raspberries and strawberries – both great foils for beer.

PAIR WITH: Barley Wine like barrel-aged Old Ruffian Barley Wine from Great Divide Brewing Company

5) Aged Pecorino Toscano


Photo from Amazon

WHAT IT IS: A firm, dry sheep’s milk cheese from Italy – try an aged one like a 90-day version for mild nuttiness and a toasty flavor profile that is bangin’ with the hoppiness of an IPA.

PAIR WITH: India Pale Ale like 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware


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    Hi Francoise, This is a great article you wrote. I want to get together for coffee or lunch. I’m interested in putting together another She’s Crafty event but with a cheese tasting. Would you be interested in partnering? Best Regards, Nune

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