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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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When I worked in New York still, I used to meander over to Beecher’s across the street for coffee and a sweet treat from Liddabit Sweets. One move to Virginia, and one kid later, and I’m too far from New York for an impromptu candy bar from them, but since their cookbook is one of my favorites that I’ve been playing with over the past year, I was thrilled when my husband bought me a ticket to their ICE course. One blizzard and postponement later, I finally made it to the course. Here are a few shots of the class, plus one of a truffle recipe I developed this year. Whether you have someone in your life or not, I hope you’re enjoying something delicious right now. For more craft chocolate makers, see my recent article for Food Republic.


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I'm currently working as a freelance travel and food writer, and photographer. I spent two years at, the culinary on-line magazine for the industry insider. My articles have been published in New York, NY and Richmond, VA. After graduating from Columbia University and recovering from the tragedy of not being able to read Camus books for a living, I attended The Culinary Institute of America, where my scone consumption rose drastically. Fluent in French and Italian, I've worked in some of New York's top restaurants and covered food-related stories in a number of publications, from The Richmond Times-Dispatch to Time Out New York.

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