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Culinary Groups that I Love

In my spare time, I like to take advantage of the numerous culinary goings-on in Washington, DC. Some organizations that I feel particularly passionate about are:

James Beard Foundation – A group of devoted foodies, JBF has invited some of the country’s top chefs to cook for them at James Beard’s historic house in New York. The James Beard Awards continue to be the industry standard for excellence when it comes to America’s top restaurants, chefs, food writers, journalists, cookbooks and foodservice professionals. Beard on Books is a program that speaks to my love of real cookbooks and food writing, rather than decorative coffee table cookbooks that are never once opened with a mind to creating the recipes within. Check out their events page for a good time.

Culinary Historians of New York – New York is a short trip from DC. If you’re curious about food and are always hungry for more information (I know I always am) this group of historians, chefs and writers offers a great solution. Their events in the past have included everything from unique tours of one of the few active meat companies in the meatpacking district, combined with a talk by food writer Betty Fussell on her book Raising Steaks, to unique footage of one of America’s first cooking shows hosted by Dione Lucas, to sherry tastings and more. To check out upcoming events, click here.

Slow Food – Looking out for our food heritage, Slow Food supports sustainable farming and helps teach us to always question where our food came from, how it was produced and who produced it. In short, what we eat matters, not just for us, but for generations to come.

IACP – Not to be confused with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, The International Association of Culinary Professionals is a fabulous organization for anyone involved in the food world, from chefs to journalists to food stylists. Joining is a great way to keep up to date on the latest in technology, publishing, food photography and social media. They have a great onlineSpeaker Series that’s super-convenient since you can log in from anywhere, and their annual conference is well worth the price of admission, both in terms of the amazing speakers and attendees, and in terms of the knowledge you gain.


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